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5 Important Questions That One Must Ask Before Hiring a Babysitter

Questions Must Ask Before Hiring Babysitter in Mumbai

Hiring a babysitter is not easy and requires a lot to care and involvement. Before hiring a babysitter, it is essential to ask a few crucial questions to ensure your kids remain safe and are also well taken care of without being completely intrusive.
While struggling with the interview questions, people are often seen struggling with the kind of questions to ask during the meet and greet. While you are inclined to know the potential babysitter on a personal level, you need to pen down the important questions that one must ask before hiring.

Here are five crucial questions that one must ask before hiring babysitter:

  1. Experience and training
    This is one of the first questions that you should ask the babysitter. This is the primary step that you need to start with. You need to know whether the babysitter service in Mumbai is highly trained and experienced in the field or not. Dive into the questions, which makes them the best suited for the job. Try asking the following questions:
    • Do you have optimum training in First Aid and CPR?
    • Are you experienced enough to have taken classes in child care? If not, will you agree to do that?
    • Education Level
    • Which languages are you fluent in except English?
    In addition to this, feel completely free to ask questions that are relevant to the specific needs of the children, such as medical conditions, secondary languages, and so on.
  2. Availability
    You need to make sure that your schedule matches with hers. When you need someone to come over and run errands and work, you need to make sure that they are available during the daytime. On the contrary, if you take night classes, you need to make sure that the babysitter is not taking any night classes.
  3. Special scenario questions
    This interview questions help you to understand how well prepared the babysitter in Mumbai is for your child. Ask specific scenario questions and see the response you get from them. Ask questions like, what to do when the baby starts choking. You can also ask about the baby having a blowout in the diaper, how do you handle it?
  4. Ask about safety
    You need to make sure that the babysitter is aware of ensuring the child’s physical safety. Ask them questions like the following:
    • Do you have safety training in CPR, water safety, or first aid? If so, provide with the certification
    • Are you aware of current recommendations for preventing SIDS or safe sleep
    • Are you aware of the foods that can cause you choking, and how does the food need to be prepared?
  5. Background check
    It is vital to perform a background check before employing a babysitter. This is done so that you are well aware of the background of babysitter as you need to assure that you are giving your baby in safe hands.

These questions play an important role in hiring a babysitter.