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House Maid Services in Mumbai

Are you looking for professional home maid services in Mumbai? You have come to the right place! At Kaamwalibais, we are a reliable provider of exclusive house maid services in Mumbai. Kaamwalibais is the best agency to hire a maid in Mumbai providing unmatched maid services to the homeowners.

Kaamwalibais is India’s premium platform to indulge in a variety of services such as maids, cooks, nurses, babysitters and ayahs. A predominantly unorganised industry, many unprofessional agencies end up conning their prospective clients. However, we strive to employ, ensure and provide quality housemaid services in Mumbai by offering pre-recorded online interviews.

As one of the best housemaid agencies in Mumbai, we are extremely professional people as we only hire professional maids after extensive background research. We send you an ample amount of options as per your requirements by delivering quality experience, working together and valuing your time.

In India, there is no denying the importance of a house maid for every household out there. While all of us are leading busy lives in the modern era, doing all household chores like cleaning, dusting, cooking, cleaning, and more become a challenging task. It is an overwhelming thought to manage both professional life as well as household chores on a daily basis. When you are stuck in such a condition, it is high time that you can look forward to hiring domestic house maid services in Mumbai.

What is Our Vision

We strive to be India's major aggregator for a housemaid, especially if you're searching for reliable maid services to bring your loved ones some comfort, trust us for the job. Our services include sweeping and cleaning the floor, washing clothes and utensils, buying groceries and cleaning the home. As working professionals do not have the time to maintain their home, they opt for full-time or part-time home cleaning services and professional maid service in Mumba

Why Should You Choose Maids From Kaamwalibais

Maid services is an unorganised sector as there is no guideline to follow for the same. Our knowledgeable team understands your needs and attempts to bridge the gap between the full–time house maid and our clients.

Register and share your requirements, as well as hold personal and telephonic interviews with trained and experienced staff. We use quality and efficient service tools for professional cleaning at affordable prices, which makes us one of the best cook services, baby caretaker, nursing services, elder care services and patient care services provider.

How To Speak To A Domestic Help

  • Treat the prospective maid with dignity and respect when you invite them for a physical interview.
  • You can ask them to join on the same day or the next day, and treat them well for the next few weeks.
  • Have one candidate as a backup for the telephonic interviews, so that we could line up more candidates without delay.

Best Domestic House Maid Services Agency

Home maid task is the core of services offered by Kaamwalibais. We are committed to ensuring an ultimate peace of mind to the house dwellers who are too busy juggling their professional and personal lives. At Kaamwalibais, we are committed to recruiting the right talent and subsequently providing them with the right talent to deliver unparalleled domestic maid services to the homeowners in Mumbai. We are also dedicated to continuously managing as well as motivating our staff towards ensuring the delivery of superior customer experiences.

Over the years of our relevant expertise in the field of house maid services in Mumbai, Kaamwalibais has garnered the respect of being a high-end, registered housemaid agency in Mumbai. Throughout our expertise, we have been delivering high-end domestic maid as well as facility management services to hundreds of clients all across Mumbai. Towards meeting the unique requirements of our clients in Mumbai along with matching the increasing demand for high-end house maids in the city, we have equipped our team with the presence of highly qualified, trained, and experienced house maids to deliver the right results. We also boast the presence of innovative home maid solutions that make use of the modern, cutting-edge equipment along with the best, qualified talent in the industry to complete the household chores or tasks within a short interval of time with absolute perfection and efficiency.

Full-time House Maid  Service in Mumbai

Being a registered maid agency in Mumbai, we are committed to delivering the professional range of maid services through the presence of skilled home maids in Mumbai. Some of the exclusive maid services offered by our professional team include:

  • House Work
  • Utensil Washing
  • Cloth Washing
  • Iron Clothes
  • Cooking Help
  • Vegetable Shopping
  • Mopping the floor
  • Cobweb cleaning
  • Washroom Cleaning
  • Dusting Cleaning & More

In case you are looking for reliable house maid services in Mumbai, you can reach out to us now!

Full Time House Maid Service in Mumbai

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Why Choose Kaamwalibais?

quick & easily maid service

Quick & Easy

No waiting for maid interviews. view profiles, contact or select via phone.

safe & reliable maids

Safe & Reliable

Your safety matters. We thoroughly check every maid's background.

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Multiple Options

view as many profiles as you like. Choose the best one for you.

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High Quality

Only skilled maids are registered with us.

Free Replacement of maids and other house helper

Free Replacement

If a maid leaves within 6 months, we'll replace them at no extra cost.

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