Kaamwali "Bae": Tips on finding the 'one'

Tips On Finding The Best Maid Service in Mumbai

When we step out of our home to fulfill the professional commitments, worrying about our personal responsibilities, even the plain idea of having a full-time maid offers the much-needed relief. Hiring someone for the household chores indirectly implies that you have more productive hours at work or more quality time to spend with your family. So for the �dreamers and doers� out there, Kaamwalibais.com comes to the rescue and provides Full-Time Maids in Mumbai. Even if you�re from the velocious Mumbai suburbs, no need to worry! We provide Full-Time Maids in Navi Mumbai and Full-Time Maids in Thane too.

When talking about the full-time maids, they either can be working full time (8-9 hours) for you or can be the live-in 24hours maids depending on your requirements. And when they�re associated with you for such a long duration every day, you should definitely look for Kaamwaali�Bae� and not just a Bai/ Didi, or Bhaiya. That�s why Kaamwalibais.com is a one-stop place for hiring a full-time Mumbai/ Navi Mumbai/ Thane or availing 24hours Maid Service in Mumbai.

Prior to hiring a maid, it is imperative that you interact with various maids so as to figure out who is the best one according to your needs. Below are some tips to consider while hiring live-in Maid Services in Mumbai:

  • Make sure they are proficient with your expectations and, their expectations are met: This should be the very first thing that you should consider when hiring a 24hours maid. Make sure your job description is made clear to him/her. He/ She should be able to do the day to day chores with efficiency and ease, or you can end up with difficulties. You obviously want someone to help lighten your burden, and not increase them. Also, define your terms and conditions clearly to them since the very beginning, for example, not to touch your drawers, documents, certain places of the house or personal belonging etc. After doing a check on your expectations, take into consideration the expectations of the maid too. Talk openly about the salary, perks and her/ his needs. This will not only help you both understand each other�s view but also prevent future drifts.The third thing is to know about the leaves they'll be taking to visit their families and the frequency. Talk to them about the leaves clearly beforehand and what substitute/ workaround would be possible in those cases as you don't want to do all the work yourself even after hiring somebody for the same.
  • Check for the habits and hobbies: As it goes without saying, habits define a person. The best way to know about their habits is to contact the previous employer through the hiring agency. This will help you to understand the person better as he/ she is going to be a full-time addition to your family.
  • Check Regular Hygiene and Basic Grooming: Make sure to check the hygienic practices and the basic grooming of your maid before appointing. This becomes more important because if there are kids at home, you would not want someone who doesn't know the basics of how to behave and talk. They should also maintain personal and house hygiene as kids mostly learn from what they see. You don't want your kids to learn such things, right?
  • Check for the health history: You don't want to have the unseen guilt of making an unhealthy person work for you, isn't it? That's why it is important to know about any history of chronic illness with the person. You would certainly not want to be associated with an unfit person, especially when they're expected to do the daily tasks on a regular basis. Also, check for any communicable disease�s presence and ask them to take necessary vaccinations before hiring.
  • Personal Details and Verification: If you are choosing a 24hours maid, ensure that you or your hiring agency conduct a proper background check and walk through the employment history of the maid by the contacting their previous employer. Ask your maid/ the hiring agency to submit a passport size photo and a government recognised identity proof with address, full name and date of birth clearly mentioned on the same. If possible, go and visit your to-be maid's house or locality once and make sure that he/she really lives there. You can also check with the neighbours about what kind of a person your to-be maid actually is. Afterall, what's written on paper is not always true! Do not forget to verify the person with the nearest police station to avoid any future issues and unfortunate accidents (theft, child abuse, kidnapping).

In addition to this, offer a comfortable place to stay for the new person coming in as your 24hours maid. You should consider their feelings and respect him/ her as a person. Give them the needed space to adjust well in your house. Only then he/ she can perform well and make your life easy! As the head of the family, it is your foremost responsibility to ensure that only the right people enter your lovely home. Even if the checklist while hiring a 24hours live-in maid is long, taking each point into consideration is truly worth the effort. So, go on and find the perfect fit for yourself and your family. Good luck!