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The Role Of Home Cleaning Services During this Pandemic

The Role Of Home Cleaning Services During this Pandemic

After the staggering surge of COVID 19, cleaning and washing have become one of the major household chores for us. Every person is stuck between the seesaw of washing hands and sanitizing hands. So, it is normal that the responsibilities of the cleaning services have increased by leaps and bounds. With additional cleaning duties, we can all use a little help from employing a professional help for the purpose of home sanitization.

The role of a cleaning service is quite clear. Apart from the pun, the said duties have been increased during this outbreak. As we have to avoid any contamination, we are cleaning more. So, here are the particular duties that you can expect from a cleaning service in recent times:

  1. Paying Attention To Mostly Used Surfaces:
    Since this is a virus that could be spread through touch, high touch areas and surfaces should be specially taken care of while cleaning. A cleaning professional should always focus more on such surfaces that are frequently touched and used. Suppose a man with a pathogenic virus on his hand touches a surface. Next, a person with a clean hand and without any corona contamination touches the same surface. This way, the germ gets transmitted. That is why, cleaning services should focus more on these surfaces, that include- door knobs, switch boards, handles, handle of cupboards, microwave, refrigerator; toilet handles, flushes, seat and lid, top of the tap or bucket handle; surfaces on which meat is chopped; surface that has been covered with blood, cough, vomit or any body fluid; staircase handles or handrails; telephone receiver, computer mouse, keyboard and so on.
  2. Standard Precautions For Cleaning:
    The cleaners from any Home cleaning services should follow the standard precautions of cleaning. They have to treat every household as a contaminated one. They should think of every bathroom as if it is full of germs and clean it accordingly. The motto of any cleaning service during this pandemic outbreak should be “you can never be too cautious.” They should wear masks and gloves during cleaning. Using goggles should be encouraged. While mopping or washing furniture, the cleaner should use disinfectant that has adequate alcohol content.
  3. Maintain Personal Hygiene:
    The workers of the home cleaning services need to follow the guidelines of maintaining personal hygiene for the best interest of their customers. The cleaning services should ask their workers to wash hands before and after entering a household. While cleaning, they should wear head caps and booties over their shoes and dispose of them after finishing.
  4. Equipment Hygiene:
    To make the customer more comfortable, the cleaning service should maintain the cleanliness of the cleaning equipment as well. Cleaning mops and sponges should be cleaned after every cleaning. Otherwise, germs and microbes have a tendency to stick on the cleaning clothes if not wiped properly with detergent. Ensure proper office sanitization for improved results.

Home and office cleaning services in Mumbai are very popular and efficient. They are trustworthy and dependable with your house cleaning activities during this pandemic situation.