Selecting Maid Agency: The Perfect Checklist

Checklist to Select Maid Agency in Mumbai

From hardcore Mumbaikars, to any outsider who comes here and starts calling �Aamchi Mumbai� their home; no matter who you�re but you, for sure, know the importance of Bai (the household help) in our day to day lives in this city of dreams. is a reputed registered maid agency in Mumbai that provides best maid services in Andheri and other areas in Mumbai and suburbs. It is by far the best maid agency in Mumbai considering the areas it serves (Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai), the experience of 12 years and the options of services it offers (Maid Services, Cooks, Caretakers, House-helps etc).

While a lot of people prefer finding a maid through neighbourhood channels (neighbours, relatives, security guard), that doesn�t work out much due to lack of trust and options. This is where a reputed maid providing agency like plays a vital role in helping you choose a desired housemaid.

Here's how to choose the best maid service agency that fit your needs:

  • Permits, Licenses and Affiliations: First of all, it is very important for the maid service agency to have a legitimate license to operate in that particular area. Most of the agencies in Mumbai pay a hefty sum to marketing companies to get themselves registered for operation even when they don't have a formal registration done with the government. Also, it would be great if the service agency you're choosing is affiliated to a recognised certifying body.
  • Digital Presence: In today�s dynamic technological world, website check is the first and primary step of understanding your maid service provider. How the agency manages its website/ online presence tells a lot about how it actually operates. You can very well judge their credibility basis the content they decide to offer to the online visitors. A firm that is prudent and serious about its services will maintain the same sagacious standard while designing its website and choosing its online substance.
    The second thing that comes into the picture is the customer service. Do they have proper channels to address your queries (call centres, grievances board) and your requirements? This is a very important step to consider for choosing the maid service agency. What is the use of having an agency that never listens or responds?
  • Variations and the Strength of the agency: As we Indians are so spoiled with the idea of having choices, make sure the agency you�re hiring has a vast database of maids with varied qualities and specifications (not just maid, ayahs, cooks and cleaners) to choose from. This will facilitate you to hire the best one according to your requirements. Most agencies in Mumbai have a limited number of maids that are rotated among clients thereby giving them fewer options to make a choice from and subsequently, when the client is not satisfied with the maid, they again offer to replace them following the dirty business tactics, thus, making double commission every time by fooling the client.
  • Background Check Status: The agency should perform extensive background checks on the maids it is sourcing to verify their credibility. This becomes very important as to determine what kind of person is entering your house. Also, check whether the maids/ helpers are insured and bonded with the agency. This will help you to reduce the chances of any unfortunate accidents, or thefts happening in your house.
  • See what is Unseen: Determine the number of years for which the agency has been in business thereby giving a fair idea about their experience. Also, check if there are any complaints/disciplinary or legal actions taken against them in the past. In case any complaint was filed or actions were taken, figure out what the agency did, or is doing to bring them to closure. This will give you a practical example of how the agency you're trusting actually is.
    Thus, keeping the above points in mind can help you find the right agency for fulfilling your requirements and ease the process of finding a suitable maid according to our needs. Remember, a day is 'made', when you have a good �maid�.