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Things to Expect From Your 24 Hrs Maid in Mumbai

What Can You Expect From Your 24-hour Maid in Mumbai

Unlike any other part of the world, in India, domestic help is a common phenomenon. Just like in any city of India, you can hire a full-time or a part-time domestic help according to your requirement and budget. There is more than one trustworthy 24 hour maid service in Mumbai, who can provide you with efficient and trusted 24 hour maids to help you in household chores and other household responsibilities. Maids from these maid services in Mumbai are able to work without much supervision. The best part of such services is that, if you have any problem regarding your maid, you can directly contact the service and solve it. Here are the major duties that a twenty four hour maid can be expected to be entrusted with:

  1. Cleaning Duties:
    A full time maid will do all cleaning duties of a house. She or he will do sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and dusting every day; remove dirt from floor and other surface like wall or terrace; keep the corridors clean in front of your building or flat; dusting the curtains when needed; keeping the rugs and the carpets clean; applying room freshener and deodorizer and keeping the house free of odour. If you have woodworks in your home, you can ask your maid to polish those regularly. Your maid can wash your window panes as required.
  2. Washing Duties:
    You can ask your full time maid to take care of your monthly or daily washing needs. Usually, in a warm country like India, you are supposed to sweat a lot. So, you may like to wash your clothes every single day. So, you can ask your maid to wash your daily wear dress and your office clothes daily, using washing machines. If you do not have a washing machine in your flat, you can ask your maid to wash with your hands. If your schedule permits, you can ask her to send your dirty laundry to cleaning houses and take them back on time. Your maid needs to take care of the washing needs of your bed sheets, towels, curtains every month.
  3. Kitchen Duties:
    It is accepted, if you ask your maid to cook for your family. It is her responsibility to do the daily cooking for the whole family; she might also need to cook if guests arrive and stay for a few days; if anyone of the family members is a worker or student and needs takeout tiffin; if there is a festival and special dishes are to be prepared. If you prefer to cook on your own, you can ask your maid to help you by cutting the vegetables or preparing the spices and by serving the food on the table. She will clean the kitchen sink and do the dishes if asked.
  4. Other Duties:
    Maids are very responsible by nature. They will take care of the elderly people and take care of babies if needed

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