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Checklist for Your Domestic Help Visiting Your Home Post Covid-19

How Cleaning Boosts Your Productivity While Working From Home?

We have experienced unprecedented changes in the present time owing to the Covid-19 outbreak. No matter the situation, we have to move on and adapt to the new normal situation. We have all tried to adapt to the changes, especially during the lockdown, and started to manage our work as the domestic help was allowed to leave during the stringent situation. However, with lockdown being lifted and restriction being lifted, many people plan to call their domestic help to join back. If you are looking to hire domestic help, you can contact house maid services in Mumbai. If you are one of them, you must consider the following precautions before calling your domestic help to join the services.

  1. Provide a mask and gloves to the domestic help:
    Although the maid services in Mumbai can provide you with the best maid, it is extremely important that you maintain precautions in your house when the maid visits you. Firstly, you must keep a mask and a pair of gloves for her, preferably outside your main door, and instruct her to wear it before stepping into your house. You must allow domestic help to enter your house without wearing the mask and gloves. Next, before she leaves the house, make sure she washes the gloves and masks properly with soapy water. The gloves and mask should be disinfected every day before she wears it. Do not allow her to wear the one that she has brought from her house.
  2. Ask everyone to wear a mask:
    With cook services in place, you need to make sure that apart from the maid, everyone in the house must use a mask as soon as she steps into the house. Also, the masks the family members will wear must be washed and disinfected before they wear it the next day.
  3. Instruct her from a distance:
    If you have a habit of helping your maid and working along with her, it is prudent to stop doing that in the present situation. It is recommended to maintain a safe distance from her; for example, if she is cleaning your house, nobody should be around in that house. You must follow this diligently, especially with older adults and small kids. If there is a patient in your house, ask the domestic help not to clean that room to ensure social distancing.
  4. Ask her not to cook food :
    If the maid cooks food, make sure she is not cooking now. Take help from her to finish off other household chores.
  5. Rewash the utensils:
    As we know, the virus is potent and does not quickly go away. It can survive on metal substances for a longer time. Hence, if you ask the maid to wash your utensils, make sure to rewash them when she is not around.

Lastly, whether it is maid services, home nurses or baby caretaker in Mumbai, talk to them today, keeping the things in mind.

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