Ab cleaning hua aasan!

Terms & Condition

The registration & service charges for the Candidate is One Month Salary + Services Tax

Replacement period of the maid will be 6 months with a maximum of 3 Replacement but if for any reason the client wants to cancel the contract no refund will be made.

During the 6 months of replacement time, if you wish to cancel the contract for any reason, the services charge /recruitment fees paid to us will not be refunded.

The client will check the bags, purse or any other thing that the maid is carrying before the maid enters the home and before the maid leaves the home. This is for the safety of the client.

The client undertakes to notify kaamwalibais.com immediately upon agreeing to hire a candidates introduced by kaamwalibais.com

We are not responsible for any wrong behaviour characteristic between candidate & clients

An Receipt will be send to the clients open Commencement of the employment and the placement fee is payable immediately on or before the date of joining of the candidate.

Instructions are strictly confidential. If kaamwalibais.com introduces a candidate that the client then introduces to a third part, who hires the candidate on either full time or part time, the client agrees to pay kaamwalibais.com the placement charges.

If candidate is not finally selected after trial period of the days, then the complier has to pay salary for such days worked by maid or other staff. Any payment made to candidate the company will be not responsible for the money matter

While every endeavour is made by kaamwalibais.comn to introduce satisfactory candidates to the client. It is the responsibility of the client to satisfy themselves of the suitability of an applicant before hiring them. if required the client may arrange medical examination of the candidate prior to hiring them. Kaamwalibais.com will assist and help wherever possible to facilitate the process.

Prior to the placement of the maid, the client has to give us the job description of the type of work the maid needs to do. The client cannot make the maid do anything outside the job description. If the maid leaves because the client asked her to do anything outside the job description then kaamwalibais.com will not replace the maid and neither refunds the placement charges paid by the client

The maid which has been sent for replacement cannot be offered less salary than the first maid also the job description or work required to do by the maid cannot be change by the client.

Although we do a document verification of the maid, we strongly. Suggest that the client either himself or ask kaamwalibais.com to do a POLICE VERIFICATION of the maid. This ensures that the maid is free of any criminal charges is the past. If kaamwalibais.com is asked to do a police verification then it well chargeable. At any gived point of time if there is any crime done by the candidate (civil or criminal) kaamwalibais.com would not be responsible for the same. Kaamwalibais.com may assist the client in with the details of the maid provided to us by the maid when the maid registered with us.

If the invoices are settled and due to any reason the candidate resigns then a free replacement well be provided as mentioned above. Usually the time taken for the replacement is 7 days but it may vary depending or the availability

The client agree that the maid will be not be tortured, harmed mentally or physically. if the maid leaves due to any such reason kaamwalibais.com will be not replace the maid and nether refund the placement charges paid by the client

The payment has to be made in favour of Excel recruitment Pvt. Ltd.

All Solicitation are subjected to Mumbai jurisdiction

Check candidate background Documents & references based on candidate communication and details provided, bat we are not giving any clarification. If any medical unfit found or candidate misdeed Behaviour found then our company is not responsible for any misdeed. If any advance Payment asked by Candidate for then our respect client has responsibility to inform concerned person of our company of monetary if we are any reasons than not full fill your service than 50% amount well be refunded within 45 days cheque by courier.