Make Your Home Ready For Diwali 2020 with Kaamwalibais

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Even in these uncertain times, Diwali is soon to arrive and bring light and happiness into our lives. One of the most-celebrated festivals in India, during this festival, we spend quality time with our loved ones. Our family and friends greet us from all over the world as we welcome Goddess Lakshmi to a deep-cleaned, sanitised and fragrant home.

According to Vaastu, keeping your house decluttered invites positive energy into your house. It is important to dust our shelves, throw away things that you don’t use anymore and change our bedsheets to celebrate Diwali the way it should be celebrated.

Why Should You Hire Professional Cleaning Services?

Although this festival of lights demands a clean house, you might not always have the time and energy to clean your house. Therefore, home cleaning services are always ready to help you out with your duties, no matter if it’s a regular day or before an upcoming festival. We at Kaamwali Bais are known to be one of the best professional house cleaning services in Mumbai with more than 12 years of service experience, spread across all Indian cities. Moreover, we are the best maid agency in Mumbai that offers 24x7 domestic bits of help, caretakers, cooks, nurses, babysitters and ayahs.

Here Are The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Go To Festival Cleaning Services:
  • They are highly-skilled trained staff with specialised cleaners and equipment for every zone to ensure proper cleaning.
  • The staff is recruited only after strict training and background checks, and they are flexible as per your schedule.
  • A well-known professional cleaning service uses biodegradable chemicals that are safe for the users and the environment.
  • You will be surprised to see the difference that a professional cleaning service makes to your home this Diwali. Though you can do a good job yourself, professional house-cleaning service ensures superior work with quality cleansers and materials. Additionally, the service partners are well-trained experts.
Why Kaamwali Bais?

At Kaamwali Bais, we are happy to provide deep cleaning services for Diwali for employees, students, patients and visitors. Our internal online management system establishes ourselves as the most respected cleaning services in Mumbai with contract cleaning, cooks, maids, drivers and babysitters. Our business is built on a solid pillar of trust. We take out the time to understand the house mates and their needs.

House-cleaning for Diwali

In most Hindu households, it is mandatory to deep-clean your home before the festival season. The deep-cleaning session includes cleaning the floors and ceilings, polishing silverware and brassware, repainting the walls, clearing out old and unused items and dusting the hard-to-reach areas such as the top of the cupboards and bookshelves. At Kaamwali Bais, we are happy to help you at your apartment, house, society, office and/or factory for professional cleaning.

Our cleaners are trained for an annual festival and event-based cleaning services. Speaking of events, we clean up the area before and after the programme — small, medium or large. Moreover, you can schedule a time as per your convenience. The following is a list of some of our services:

  • Basic Cleaning:
    Thoroughly clean the doors, windows, storage areas, fans and grills. Also, we deep-clean mattresses, sofas and replace broken furniture. Sofa and mattresses are difficult to clean with regular washing liquids, which is why you should only hire professionals to do so.
    Deep-cleaning sofas need special detergents that wash off the dirt, grime and marks and yet are budget-friendly. In case you have a history of coffee, chocolate sauce, ink, stationery, tomato ketchup, food and acid dye stains on your sofa, reach out to us.
    Our sofa deep-cleaning procedure is simple yet effective with shampoo, scrubbing, sanitisation and vacuuming for a brand-new look. Apart from sofa cleaning, we clean floors, windows, furniture, appliances and grillwork. Once we are done with deep-cleaning, we declutter your home, freeing up space from unnecessary items. You can choose to donate them or throw them away.
  • Kitchen Cleaning:
    The kitchen is your source of food and must be kept clean and sanitised at all times. At Kaamwali Bais, we eliminate mould, grease and food stains from the floors, cabinets, countertops, fixtures and appliances. Biodegradable chemicals are used for kitchen cleaning, which ensures complete compliance with health.
  • Bathroom Cleaning:
    Bathrooms are often the most-neglected zones in your home and you need the best house maid to set that right for you. Our experts shall scrub the sinks, floors and bathtubs using disinfecting cleaners. Sparkling-clean bathrooms are important for guests. We ensure that we clear out clogged drains with pest control techniques.
  • Carpet Cleaning:
    When it comes to residential cleaning services, we want clean and nice-smelling carpets. Thick and heavy carpets are difficult to clean, thus, professional house cleaning services and methods involve shampooing, scrubbing and sanitising your carpets to maintain a healthy and well-kept environment. Using environmentally-friendly detergents and hot carbonating extraction for cleaning carpets, they ensure a long-lasting result. Special deodorisers remove harmful bacteria, odour and allergy-causing dust and pollen.
  • Puja Room:
    It is helpful if you could call us a few days before Diwali as deep-cleaning the house takes time. We follow a schedule when planning our duties, and divide our tasks according to the number of rooms and what is to be done. The pooja room is where you pray to the Goddess for fortune, health and happiness. We will clean out the shelves and storage compartments, furniture, walls, floor and ceiling. We will also dust windows and doors to bring in natural light.
Diwali Cleaning Done At Affordable Rates!

Unlike other cleaning services, we are quite affordable and offer great results. We consider deep-cleaning homes and offices to be a service rather than a mere job to be done. Diwali is a great time to reconnect with your loved ones, and a sparkly-clean and fragrant house should be the foundation of your newfound happiness.